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Imagine Creating a Custom Spa with ANY Combination!

Your Options are Endless!

A backyard hot tub says the living is easy. Picture yourself relaxing in your Hot Spring Spas right now. Whether you're thinking about adding a Hot Spring Spa or enhancing the space around your existing hot tub, Hot Spring Spas can help you make the most of your backyard hot tub lifestyle.

The world’s number one-selling brand of portable spas can enhance your next outdoor project.  You can now create a built-in, custom look and still have all the advanced features and energy-efficiency of a self-contained portable spa. Hot Spring Spas’ Custom Cabinet spas are specifically designed to be surrounded by any style of exterior surface. Add a Hot Spring SpaStone™ surround for a natural-stone look, or use any exterior desired to complement the outdoor setting.  Your customers will enjoy the custom appearance along with all of the relaxation and quality benefits of a Hot Spring spa!

The options are endless! Add a Hot Spring full or partial SpaStone™ surround for a natural-stone look. Or work with your landscape contractor to surround your Custom Cabinet spa with whatever exterior you desire.

The best hot tub accessories are ones that go with your spa perfectly. You can get steps, bars, stools, planters, even gazebos and pergolas that match the cabinetry on your Hot Spring hot tub. Our spa accessory line also includes specially sized steps and surrounds for large or round spas.

Courtesy: Valley Hot Spring Spas

Hot Spring Custom Cabinet spas, available for the Vista® and Grandee® models, allow you to apply custom cabinetry or to partially-recess or fully-recess your spa into a deck or patio. All Custom Cabinet spas come standard with a pearl shell, or you can upgrade to other Hot Spring shell options.

Our Custom Cabinet models are surrounded with ¾-inch, sealant-treated BCX plywood sheets that cover the spa’s inner structure, plumbing, and electrical components. The plywood façade provides a solid surface to which custom sidings or a SpaStone surround can be attached.

The SpaStone partial surround features an integrated step that extends the length of the spa. The bottom of the surround is designed to harmoniously meet up with your deck or other surface to complete the built-in appearance.

Our Custom Installation Guide provides information on recessing any Hot Spring spa in a deck, patio or other hardscape element. The guide is available through your local Hot Spring dealer.



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